School Comparisons on Safety and Test Scores in Pennsylvania

Links to Data Sources

These two websites are phenomenal for exporting data regarding school safety ratings and academic ratings within the Pennsylvania School Systems. They have comparison features as well on each site.

NOTE: When I exported data from both sources, the data did not always align. For example, for the 2021-22 School Year for the Penn Hills School District, there was a large difference in Truancy figures. The school safety reports website reported there were 0 truancies for the school district in 2021-2022 (making it phenomenally better at not having any truancies than the top-rated school districts in Allegheny County!). However, when you look at the Academic Ratings page, it reports that only 70% of the kids in Elementary School attend regularly, and only ~75% of the kids in Middle School & High School attend regularly (making it phenomenally worse than ANY school district in Allegheny County!).

This is why it is important to look at multiple, reputable sources when possible to figure out what is matching up and what seems off by comparison.

Excel Spreadsheet Template (Summary)

I was able to average the scores from the export of the Academic Ratings website, which seemed like the best source to use for how the schools perform overall to create a visual summary of the best districts (green) and those potential issues (yellow = 1 problem area and orange=2 or more problem areas) and the red zones that should be avoided based on scores being less than 50% achievement.