Best Resources for Addicts

Great Resources from the State / Non-Profits

  1. NEXT Distro: 
    • This website provides a LOT of resources that are state-specific for every state in the nation and also provides nationwide distribution of free Narcan/Naloxone by mail for those that need it to help a loved one, as well as training on how to use it.
    • Their Resource Library provides helpful information and resources for Harm Reduction for drug users (and pregnant drug users / parents suffering from addiction) as well as sex workers who have a high rate of drug use:
    • Their Social Support page provides a listing of resources of different types of groups for those with substance use issues and their family members & friends who may need support as well:

  2. Pennsylvania's Get Help Now Resource Page & Opioid Data Dashboard:

    • This website provides information about PA State Specific resources where you can provide your local pharmacy with a prescription for Naloxone / Narcan, order drug "Take-Back" boxes to get rid of unused prescriptions, and view resources for treatment. It also has resources for family members of addicts like the "KinConnector" tool for grandparents raising their kid's children due to their addiction or death from an overdose. 
    • Phone # To Call (24x7 Availability): 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
    • Phone # to Text (24x7 Availability): 717-216-0905
    • Online Chat Feature to Get Help (Anonymous Chat Option Available): 

Mobile Apps

  1. The Brave App: 

    • This app is available on both Android and Apple
    • The Brave App allows active drug users to call one of their volunteers anonymously using the app and set up a "Rescue Plan" if something goes wrong and they become unresponsive after they use (i.e. "overdose situation"). It will make sure that they're not taking drugs in isolation and the volunteer on the other end of the line will contact a trusted family member or friend (or whatever instructions the drug user has set up) to let them know about the overdose. 
    • The purpose of this app is harm reduction and to save lives
    2. The Lifeguard App:
    • This app is not available in the United States, but it should be! This app is specific for Canada and will automatically call emergency services if a drug user is unresponsive after using and provide 911 with their location.
    • This app is available on both Android and Apple 

Hotlines / Phone Numbers

  1.  Never Use Alone: (800) 484-3731

    • Website for more information:
    • Facebook Page:
    • There are other numbers to call specifically for Spanish speakers, New York residents and New England residents.
    • There is also a number to just talk through things with somebody who has struggled from addiction in the past and understands what you are going through without judgment - this line is called "Mandy's Line" (800-943-0540), named after one of the founders of Never Use Alone: